Our most Frequently Asked Coworking Questions

Below are some regular questions we get on an ongoing basis about coworking and the benefits of joining Nest as your local coworking office solution.
Frequently Asked Coworking Questions

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We’ve created a list of questions/Answers below of some answers to better help you navigate the services we offer here at Nest coworking.

We are located exactly on 120 Hughson St S, Hamilton, ON L8N 2B2. Just south of the Hamilton GO Centre, Hunter Street East terminal location and around the corner from August St.

If you’re joining as a dedicated nest member, you’ll provide payment for your first month (pro-rated), any optional add-ons, and a $25 key fee for your key fob.

Yes we do! If you are looking for a more casual desk that you can come and go between the hours of Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm you are welcome to join us!

You don’t have to sign a lease, although we do have a 6 or 12 month lease if you would like to. We do however have a contract and membership application that needs to be filled out and signed.
If you are looking for a dedicated desk or private office, we operate on a month to month basis; therefore you commitment would be month to month. If you are looking for a HOT desk or to just use the building, you can get a daily pass or monthly.
Not at the current moment. Street Parking is available on Hughson Street and Augusta Street.
You can certainly do this. You would sign the agreement and we could get you set up. Once you are ready to start you would pay your membership fee and receive keys.
This would be assessed on an individual basis.
Of course! Depending on the office you can fit more than one person in there. You can also share if you only need access certain days and you know someone who wants to use it the other days. Just keep in mind you are responsible for anything inside your office and must trust the person you share with.
No, if you have a dedicated desk or office, the space is 24/7 and monitored. The only time it would be Monday to Friday is for a Hot Desk or walk in.
Nest is your office away from home, so we want you to feel comfortable in your settings. We welcome visitors and guests as long as they are following the NEST guidelines.

It is recommended that you book your tour in advance to ensure a community manager is on site to assist you. However, if you are in the area feel free to give us a call and we would love to meet you.

Yes, we have both! With all our dedicated desks and offices printing is included (up to a certain number) as well as mailbox. For casual guests, you can purchase printing services or mailbox services at a low cost.

You are more than welcome to test out our coworking space with a daily rate of $25 for the day. This includes a desk, tea & coffee, wifi and a create place!